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Zombies are the reanimated corpses of the dead. They were the main antagonists in the episode Zombie Party a Go-Go!.


Waffle had inadvertently brought these creatures up from their resting places due to accidentally mixing up the instructions for dip. The zombies come plenty, and are carnivores that are relentless in their chase for brains and flesh. Luckily, they're nothing but sacks of dust, so attacking at them back with so much as an umbrella will vanish them into thin air. Though it's still a ton of work to get rid of them all, given they're often in packs, and their limbs remain sentient even after being hacked off.

Physical Appearance[]

Most of the zombies are clothed in jaded rags over their dark turquoise skin, their red eyes glow with an ominous light, and their teeth are yellow and crooked. A few of them are seen with glasses.

Notable Zombies[]

Name Position Picture


Background Information[]

  • A potion that brings zombies to life can be found in The Scottish Book of the Dead.
  • The zombies also seem to be fond of the word "Splee". Whether or not this has any relation to the historic man Duke Eark Splee is unknown.
  • The spell also reanimates life forms other than human, as seen in the end of "Zombie Party A Go-Go!" when a fish was seen transformed under its effects.