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Since he’s one of the main trio, Waffle has come out in every single episode of Catscratch. The following is all of Waffle’s roles throughout the Catscratch series. (More to be added!)

To The Moon[]

Waffle role in TTM

“And so, the brave space-a-nauts search for other NEWTS IN SPACE!!”

Waffle is seen playing around with his home-made rocket ship, fantasizing about his concept of “Newts in Space”.

Later, he and his brother are brought along Mr. Blik on a quest to the Moon for moon rocks. Waffle then gets the idea of “Zero-G Basketball”, and later sets up a hoop to try it out. He makes shot after shot while Gordon chisels their likenesses onto the moon.

As they needed him to push Gear to get it to start, Waffle was left on the moon, much to Gordon’s dismay.

Bringin’ Down The Mouse[]

Waffle role in BDTM


Waffle is seen wanting to go with his brothers to the esteemed Mouse Hunters Ball, so he trains with his brothers so he can become a great mouse hunter.

(To be continued...)