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The Unicorn Safety Sword is a weapon made by Human Kimberly, and is used for the defense of Unicorns.


The Items used to make this sword are magic berries, honey and sugary pie crust. The berries form the sword’s grip, and the crust composes the blade.


The sword is unintentionally nothing more than a novelty item. While Kimberly holds the weapon in high regards and treats it with the seriousness and respect she believes it deserves, Gordon and his brothers know it's only food items mashed up together, and so does Randall the Bear, on account of he snatched it away from the cats for later consumption.


The Unicorn Safety Sword is made with magic berries, honey and sugary pie crust. It is commonly known as the "defender of the horn of the great unicorn". When a unicorn is in danger, these swords are sworn to be used for fighting off the dangers that may distress them. it is assumed that it's an exclusive item to the Unicorn Club.

Background Information[]

  • The supplies of which to make the sword is a Unicorn Club secret.