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Unicorn Costume Destroyed

The costume after the events of “Unicorn Club”.

The Unicorn Costume is a piece of decorative attire that was made to resemble the mythical being.


This tattered costume is owned by Waffle, who (along with Mr. Blik) then used it in attempt to trick Human Kimberly into believing it's a legitimate unicorn.

The costume has a foul odor radiating from it, according to Waffle. It is divided between the neck and the torso, for the consumer to enter in.


Unfortunately, a grizzly bear had spotted the "unicorn" and chased it down. It kept swiping and biting at the costume until it became worn out and torn up.

Once the bear was out of the scene, the costume was most likely left behind after the cats and Kimberly left the forest.


  • Human Kimberly was nearly fooled again in a subsequent episode, “Love Cats” when Blik makes up a creature called a Crimodon.
    • Both attempts were in the interest to come a little closer to Kimberly.