Catscratch Wiki

Blik:Now you're talking! Adventure deceit and money. I'm in.

[Blik gives a camera to Hovis.]

Blik:Here you take the pictures i get the cash. But i need a good picture of us no not good great i need the killer picture!

Waffle:I call frontsies!

Blik:Wrong I'm driving.

Kimberly: Gordon!

Gordon:Gotta go.. Get moving. You got to get to the woods before us.

Blik:Now let's get out of here and start thinking it.


Gordon:Are you ready?


Gordon:Oh I guess now you'll have to let me join in.

Kimberly:I guess so.

[They giggle.]



[Meanwhile in the forest...]

Blik:What are you doing?

Waffle:So we can find our way back. i'm laying eggs.

Blik:Unicorns don't lay eggs.

Waffle:How do you know?

Blik:Because i'm in the front that's where the brains are. Now let's go.

Gorogn:[in thought] Oh. You'll play for this Gordon Quint for being a liar.

Waffle:whoo whoo. Trot trot trot!

Blik:Waffle stop!

[They both hit on a tree. Some eggs from inside started to crack.]

Blik:My head. I think my brains are leaking. What's on my head?

Waffle:I think I dropped some eggs. Dof!


Hovis:Behold the majestic unicorn.


Gordon:It should be right around here.

Kimberly:I don't see it.

Gordon:There well now you seen that we can go.





[Gordon climbs on top of the tree and jumps on teh costume unicorn's head. Waffle and Blik yelped.]

Gordon:Slow down pretty unicorn.

Blik:Gordon let's go! What are you going?


Blik:What? We're being chased by a bear!