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Unicorn Club is the first segment of the second episode of Catscratch.


Gordon promises to take Kimberly to see a unicorn, although no known unicorns exist.


Gordon wants to join Kimberly's unicorn club, but she said only experts on unicorns can join. So he lies and says he can show her a real unicorn. Kimberly believes him! Gordon feels guilty about lying to her, but can't find it in his heart to break it to her. So he talks his brothers into dressing up as unicorns and prancing around in the woods so he can show Kimberly.


  • This is the first appearance of Human Kimberly.
  • Waffle owns a unicorn costume (of course he does.)
  • Also the first appearance of Randall the Bear.
  • This episode also marks the first instance of Hovis smiling.
  • This episode re-aired on Nicktoons during Christmas Day in 2015.


  • Ever since this episode, Randall continues to terrorize the cats each time their paths meet.


  • Hovis is never accounted for at the end.
  • We never hear how the Unicorn photography scam turned out.

Names in other languages[]

  • Latino - El club del Unicornio
  • Arabic - نادي وحيد القرن
  • German - Ein waschechtes Einhorn
  • Czechoslovakian - Klub jednorožců


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