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The episode starts off in the morning at The Cramdily Mansion where Mr. Blik is finishing up taking his shower asking Waffle for his towel, but Waffle was nowhere to be found. Blik then searches the bathroom (as well finding the newts playing in the toilet), but still couldn’t find him.

Blik then walks into the kitchen asking Gordon if he knows where Waffle is. Gordon was conducting a experiment in the kitchen on trying to teach bacon to walk, which leads him to try to make a world where bacon can walk into mouths.Waffle then comes in the kitchen, scaring Blik making him jump on Gordon and fall down. Mr. Blik then asis Waffle where was he as well as wiping his fur with the towel Waffle was holding. Gordon then also asks Waffle to clean the pants he made for his bacon. Waffle then zooms off somewhere else which leads Blik and Gordon to search for him in the mansion.

Blik and Gordon continue to search for Waffle where they stop at a mysterious door that Blik’s open. The two brother get suck in through the door which takes them to a secret hidden world in which they start to explore. Blik and Gordon become fascinated with the world and discover many of its wonders. Gordon and Blik then hear the giggling of at a waterfall where a naked woman who was covered of the falls makes Blik and Gordon sooth of love. Gordon then walk down to her (claiming he’s the charming one which in some cases is) and finds out under the falls was none other but Waffle.

(to be continued)

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