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The Monster is a fictitious beast that is the star of an in-universe horror film that frightened the cats.

The history of this monster is vague, as only a clip of the film is seen in the show.


The monster is a brutal carnivore that remorselessly chases his prey until it's cornered.

His heavy weight greatly amplifies the being's stomps and his hiss is dispiriting.

Character Design[]

This unnerving creature is a hulking mass and has bright, wide eyes. His lips are thick and he has warts around his scalp and his shoulders.

He's a little hairy and his hands and feet appear to be webbed. His teeth are sharp and spread apart and his pupils and ears resemble that of a feline's.

He's physically described as "One bulging eye, a big, puffy arm and a horrible howl" by a handicapped child.

His color scheme is unknown, as he had only appeared in a vintage horror film.



The monster is seen following a panicked mother and her handicapped child. He corners them between two towers and gets ready to ambush the small family.

When Gordon suffers a horrendous allergy, he starts resembling the monster and unwittingly scares his brothers all across the mansion.


  • A similar creature appears in a comic book called "Creature Comix"
    • Gordon's allergic reaction (this time, to chocolate) had resembled that creature too.