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The Mall is a huge mall that’s located not to far in Bakersfield. It made it’s first debut in the episode "Mall-Adjusted", were the cats depend their lives on getting a job here to pay to get the Mansion back.


The Mall is tall and design To be gray with blue windows in the front bottom and the side of it. There’s also plants located on differ levels and trees on the ground floor near by the entrance.

Mall Adjusted[]

When Waffle stupidly spends all the money that they were left with from Mrs. Cramdily, The cat brothers lose the mansion and everything in it (including Newts) and go to a job finders and are asks upon what skills they have. When the finder suggests they work at the mall, things don’t go as planned from getting fired from every store and flooding the mall with millions of gallons of root beer.

Knowns Stores[]

  • Pet Jungle
  • Food
  • Comic store
  • Boot Barn
  • Toys Land
  • Old Timey Ice Cream

Other places:

  • Women’s Department
  • Food Court
  • Mall Security
  • Children’s play center