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The Legend of The Lucky Claw is a popular piece of lore among all cats. It tells of good luck happening to whoever grows the legendary Lucky Claw.


It is good fortune you will draw,

When you DO grow a Lucky Claw,

Upon your little front left paw.


On October 14, 2005, A Manx and Munchkin mix cat grew his own Lucky Claw, much to his brother's dismay. His brother, a munchkin black cat named Mr. Blik, had mocked the poem by adding his own lyric: "Blahdy-Bleedy-Blah!" after the poem was recited.

That night, he cut off the Lucky Claw from his brother's paw during his sleep, and attempted to duct tape it to his own. The horrible deed of harming the Lucky Claw brought a curse upon their house, and all those cats fell into the center of the Earth. Sources say they fell through the Earth's core and landed on China, alive and well.