Catscratch Wiki

(The episode starts in the Cramdily Mansion where Hovis is playing his tuba on the song "Camptown Races" very hideously where Mr. Blik walk in covering his ears)

Mr. Blik: (grunting) I told you to stop that racket.

(Hovis continues to play the tuba but Mr. Blik throws it out of his hands. Waffle and Gordon then walk in the room as well)

Hovis: Mr. Blik

Mr. Blik: That’s gotta be, the most hideous sound ever made!

Gordon Quid: Aye it’s true, even more hideous than this.

(Gordon then makes scratchy screeching noise with his vocals)

Waffle: Or this.

(Waffle then makes noise with his mouth and tongue)

(Mr. Blik and Hovis stare at them. Waffle then starts licking himself and Gordon flosses his teeth with a rag)

Mr. Blik:(to Hovis) Now move it! You got chores to do.

Hovis: I’ve done my chores.

(Mr. Blik then grabs his list of chores and stops Hovis from talking)

[To be continued...]