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"I thought we told you to get in your donkey cart and get out of town."
— Tad

Tad Chump seems to be the leader of the bunch (although it's never directly stated as such), and talks the most out of the three.


Tad is the most assertive and dominant of the bunch, even if his insults are rather petty and elementary. Tad has such poor hygiene to the point where a colony of Blue Ticks can be found in his gums, and his teeth can be pulled out by the scrape of a toothbrush. Tad is also quite a skilled driver, and nearly won the Bakersfield 500, though at a loss to Waffle. Like his brothers, he enjoys beating up on helpless folk, and spends his free time messing around with those cats next door.

Physical Appearance[]

He has crooked teeth, tan skin, straight black hair, and three hairs standing up on the tip of his head and three more on his chin. He wears a brown jacket, with a white t-shirt underneath. He wears blue jeans and grey shoes.




  • Tad regularly wears his Pinky Bear underwear, which he’s laughed at for.
  • After the events of "Scaredy Cat", Tad has taken an interest in extraterrestrials, as we see him enjoying a magazine focused on aliens in "Two of A Kind."
  • Tad's name is misspelled as "Tadd" in the ending credits of "Go Gomez! Go!".