"I call the short one's room!"
— Luther

Luther is the middle brother who seems to be more on the extreme side.

Personality Edit

He normally speaks in loud but short sentences and sometimes barks at old ladies. Luther also seems to have an aspiration for sports, as we saw him launch food out of the refrigerator with a bat. Hockey is a hobby of his, though he sometimes uses the hockey stick for a weapon. Luther is especially loud and destructive, but he has fun with that.

Physical Appearance Edit

He has cowlick hair, freckles on his face and has a slender, spindly physique. He wears a grey t-shirt, dark green pants and tan shoes.

Background Information Edit

  • As seen in a scene that was scrapped from the episode, "My Bodyguards", Luther has an aspiration for hockey.

Trivia Edit

  • He and Hovis share the same voice actor.