— Lunk

Lunk is the lowest on the Chump family totem pole.

Personality Edit

He speaks in short and simple sentences, and has the I.Q. of a weed-whacker. However, he is the friendliest of the three, as he made good pals with Waffle in "Two of A Kind." This friendship had (temporarily) opened their respective brothers' eyes on the damages their petty battles can cause. Friendship is a rarity to Lunk, and any that he gets he simply refers to as "Friiieend!" He's buoyant in water and can substitute for a raft. Lunk also has a loud set of vocal chords, a set that can match the volume of a foghorn and can shatter windows. Lunk is like a giant kid, and likes to play, though nobody would play with him (aside from Waffle as of "Two of A Kind").

Physical Appearance Edit

He's a chunky guy with a bulbous nose, braces, and wears a grey shirt with the sleeves torn off. his hair is brown and wears a black wrist band on his left wrist. He wears blue shorts and brown boots.

Background Information Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Lunk's victory pose in the "Cats Me if You Can!" flash game shows his wristbands on both his wrists.
  • Lunk's name was originally "Brick" until the episode "Two of A Kind."
    • This was most likely due to the fact that the name before sounds a little bit like "Blik".