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The Chumpy Chump Brothers are a trio of grungy teenage boys from Catscratch.


These three delinquent brothers often spend their time beating up on helpless people, their main victims being Mr. Blik, Gordon and Waffle. From busting up Gordon's lawnmower, to tossing a car at their mansion, these three boys are a real menace to the cats. Even if many of their insults are hilariously juvenile. They live just right next door to the cats, in an ominous manor of their own.

The Chumps' Manor[]

Chumps' House on Halloween

Their house on Halloween.

Their house is a tall, ramshackle place with rickety structure.

It is unknown how they can afford such a big place, but they live right next door to the cats.

Duhh Dahhh

We first see the inside in "Two of A Kind", where they, too, planned to annihilate the cats from their lives.

The manor is very menacing from the outside, but once you've seen the inside, it appears to have gone to rack and ruin. The Chumps don't seem to be able to keep a clean house, either that or they just plain don't care.


  • In the first episode they appear in, they lose the deed to their house, so it's unknown how they still live next to the cats in subsequent episodes unless it can be safely assumed that they somehow gained the house back.
  • They often forget the names of the cats, so they just refer to them as "You stupid CATS."
  • They might not hate cats in general, as they have a much cherished kitty named Bootsie.
  • The three bathe together in the same bathtub, as seen in the last episode they appear in.