"Well, well, look what the cat dragged in!"
— Squeakus

Squeakus is a manipulative rodent, and the fear of thousands of cats across the country.

Description Edit

As described by Gordon and Mr. Blik: there be no mouse more mean, and ugly, and clever, and ugly, and perilously, dangerously, undeniably UGLY as Squeakus the Mouse. Of all the mice in the world, he is the uncatchable one, he's flung to the ground more cats than you can count on your paws.

On his first appearance, he had tricked Waffle into believing he's not a mouse. Not only that, he had further tricked Waffle into believing his own BROTHERS were mice. He was later finally taken down by Waffle's cat breath attack. He is last seen greatly injured, squatting in one of the Cramdilly Mansion’s air vents.

Character Design Edit

Squeakus is a pudgy little rodent that has light blue fur, floating oval-shaped ears, green eyes, a red button nose and a swirly tail.

  • When he has malice on the mind, his cute little smile will widen into a vindictive grin.

Background Information Edit

  • He had gotten Waffle to think that a mouse has a similar look to old ladies.
  • His weakness is cat breath (or just might be Waffle's cat breath.)
  • Mr. Blik thinks that Squeakus is ugly.


  • On his second fib to him, Squeakus had told him Blik and Gordon were mice. The two don't look at all like old women (as he had Waffle believe before) so it's odd how Waffle didn't see through his lies.

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