Catscratch Wiki

Waffle: Do you think we could have little sip? Do you think?


Blik: Give me that! Gordon you backwashed!

Waffle: Really? Yep he backwashed.

Blik: My root beer. It was the last one.

[Blik slants the bottle on Waffle's head. He squeals and runs around screaming.]

Blik: And what do you have to say for yourself?


Blik: We need more root bear.

Kimberly: Hey guys. Whatcha doing?

Blik: Gordon sweet talk.

Waffle: Let me reason with her.

Kimberly: Gross! Like I didn't want you guys at the party. Goodbye.

Blik: Gordon bag of bees.

Gordon: Aye. Bag of bees.

Waffle: Hello bees. How are you-Aahh whoa!


Blik: Okay listen up. From now on My name is Diana.

Waffle: Who am I? Who am I?

Blik: Waffle you're Claudia. And Gordon you're...Lisa.

Gordon: Lisa? But I want to be named Audrey after my dear old mom back in the home land.

Blik: Home land?


Waffle: I like your unicorn.



Kate: Yeah best party ever.

Kimberly: This um...

Blik: Diana:

Waffle: Claudia:

Gordon: And Audrey.

Both: Lisa.

Kimberly: And this is Katelyn, Katelyn, and Charlotte.

Gordon: Could you ever imagine the size of that unicorn:

Katelyn: Where are you going:

Kate: We're going to play Truth or dare.

Katelyn: Pillow fight!

Blik: Wait a minute stop! We're here for root beer.

Both: Root beer.

Girls: Dance party!

Blik: No NO! She's gonna drink it all! That's it! Move away from the root beer.

[music stops]

Kimberly: Stop! What are you doing?


Waffle: The beauty shop make over!

Caitlyn #1: (to Gordon) Hey, you're wearing a wig.

Catliyn #2: (to Waffle) This one, too.

Waffle: Surprise.

Caitlyn #1: And that means, the three of you. You're... You're...

Girls: Boys?! Ew!

Kimberly: Hi Boys.



Waffle: It's true.




Waffle: A unicorn?

Kimberly: No. A bottle of root beer.