Catscratch Wiki
Name Description Image
Sock Birds A species of birds that are made up of two pairs of white and blue striped sock. They can be seen flying across Gordon Quid and Mr. Blik.
Giant Butterflies Giant versions of butterflies that have brown bodies and either have blue or pink wings as well as colorful spots. They consist on a diet of butter than nectar. They are

very harmless and even of being one petted by Gordon.

Bears Small, but strong bear that have a occupation of being that knights and guards of the

king of the Secret World. They wear gray knight amor and helmets with a red feather on top of them.

Troll A very large monster that can be of a pet to the king. this troll seems to be harmless

but feisty at sometimes of having a condition of an inner ear hearing problem, which

leads to a gag of him collapsing on the floor. He wears a Brown tunic and have green skin. He also has a muscular top and stumpy legs.

Dragon A dark green and white dragon that was once the pet and ride of the Dragon Rider. It seem to have an attitude of attacking anyone to its riders commands. It has sharp claws, a long neck, and enormous wings.