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"It's... It's a beautiful Seal Woman!"
Klqain marveled at the discovery.

The Seal Woman is a mythical creature with one nostril. The Song of the Sea seems to be of high praise among these creatures. However, it is unknown if there really are other Seal Women as well.

Seal Women Legends[]

The Legend of Duke Eark Splee[]

Long ago, a man named Duke Eark Splee traded his soul to one of these beings for the secret of making the perfect barbecue ribs that will enchant tongues across the land. She accepted the offer, and the man finally got his wish of making the perfect barbecue ribs. But even though he succeeded, the poor Duke had sadness left in his heart.

The Curse of the Banshee[]

A Seal Woman once had to undergo the dreaded Curse of the Banshee, and terrorized all the crossed it's path. It had to live out it's days in a swamp next to a terrified Scottish village. But, once The Song of the Sea was sung to it, the outer Banshee facade turned to stone. The stone cracked more and more until the Seal Woman was freed once more, able to live in peace below the waves.

Character Design[]

Seal Women are beige seals with silky blonde hair. They wear a lavender dress with their tail sticking out of the end, and a purple cap.


  • Gordon saved one of these beings by singing The Song of The Sea.