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"Rooty-Root-Root-Rooty-Root-Root-Root, BURPO'S! Guten Tag! It's Sassyfrass!"
— Sassyfrass

Sassyfrass is the Burpo's spokesperson and Randall's master. Her first and only appearance was in "King of All Root Beer", where she puts Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Blik to a series of trials to win the mighty title of "Root Beer King".


Sassyfrass is a dominant woman who takes pride in the Burpo's company. She's difficult to impress, and describes many things as "adequate". While she hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sassyfrass seems to be of German descent, due to her strong accent and her use of German phrases such as "wunderbar".

Character Design[]

Sassyfrass has a rectangular head, has her shiny gray hair tied up in a bun, wears intimidating specs and wears rose-colored lipstick. She has an hourglass figure body, wears a green suit and saggy pants with glossy gray boots. Similar to Kimberly, she has a gap in her teeth.


Mr. Blik[]

Sassyfrass and Mr. Blik aren't in good terms, thanks to Blik's cheating and self-indulgent ways, as well as his (and Waffle's) acts of destruction to city property during the Burpo's parade. Although Blik holds the woman in high regards, it's unlikely they'll ever patch things up anytime soon.

Randall the Bear[]

Randall is Sassyfrass' pet and the company's Root Bear. She crowned him "King of Root Beer" when things fell through with Blik.



  • As of the events of "King of All Root Beer", she has been the Burpo's spokesperson for three years, two months and nine days.
  • Her body might've been modeled to resemble the shape of a root beer bottle.
  • Her name might be base on a type of plant called "Sassafras" which the roots of it is used to make root beer.