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The Root Beer Can Giant is a monstrous being made of Root Beer cans held together by static electricity.

It's only appearance in the show was in the episode "Charge!" where Mr. Blik quickly constructs him together as a new means of transportation.

Character Design[]

The bulky and tall beast is made entirely of Burpo's Root Beer cans. The eyes are caved in and his underbite surpasses the overbite. His limbs get thicker the further away it is from the torso.


A parched kitty by the name of Waffle was riding the beast, but needed a drink. He picks out a can from the hand, inadvertently demolishing the entire beast.

  • He was sorry about the whole mistake.


  • Mr. Blik had this creation in concept throughout his life up to the episode "Charge!".
  • He has a voice, but it's unknown how it functions.