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Requiem for a Cat is the first segment of the ninth episode of Catscratch.

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Mr. Blik is informed by the vet that he has only 24 hours remaining of his life.


The episode opens with the cats at the local veterinarian, awaiting the results of their annual health tests. Blik is calm and collected, but Gordon and Waffle are heavily nervous. Shortly after Blik attempts to have his brothers sign their wills, the vet arrives with the results: Waffle and Gordon have very good results, but he has Blik come to the back room with him for a private discussion.

In the back room, the vet tells Blik the bad news: his test results indicate he only has 24 hours of life left. Blik is caught off guard by this, and initially thinks there is a mix-up - but when the vet denies this, he is devastated.

Returning to the mansion, Blik tries to stay strong and believes Gordon and Waffle will be crushed by the news, only to find them badmouthing him. Worse, he finds Hovis throwing darts at one of his portraits, showing he doesn't like Blik any better. The idea of being on his deathbed with no mourners devastates Blik even further - until he realizes there's still time to change his ways.

A few minutes later, Blik catches Gordon and Waffle digging into his chocolate-coated caviar, but he acts like he's okay with it. He then gives Gordon a (crudely) self-drawn portrait of Human Kimberly, and reveals he polished Waffle's newts (which reflect the sun's rays into burning the portrait). After Blik leaves, Waffle is initially pleased by his unusually nice behavior - but Gordon suspects he's up to something.

Later on, Blik attempts to give a massage to a sleeping Gordon (which Gordon interprets as Blik trying to choke him) and assist Waffle in the shower (nearly drowning him in the process), which confirms to Gordon and Waffle that he's up to something. After reviewing Blik's recent behavior, they get the impression that he is actually trying to kill them! To confirm this, they spy on Blik and find him sharpening a knife (an out-of-context moment; he was actually in the middle of preparing a turkey dinner) which has them convinced.

Gordon and Waffle find Hovis just as he is about to leave on a fishing trip and claim Blik wants to do them in, be he just responds, "Try not to stain the carpets." and leaves. Blik finds them shortly after and brings them to the dinner table for their "last meal" together. When he asks, "White meat or dark?" and pulls out a knife and fork, Gordon and Waffle freak out, race off to Gear, and drive away. Blik, not wanting to die alone, manages to catch up and climb onto the back with his utensils; in an attempt to shake him off, Gordon starts driving haphazardly - including right through the house of a civilian family - until he nearly drives off a cliff into shark-infested waters. But the cats are dumped off the side anyway. When questioned by Blik, Gordon accuses him of trying to murder him and Waffle, to which Blik reveals he's the one who is dying.

The cats are rescued by Hovis from his fishing boat. Hovis reveals that the vet called: Blik's test got mixed up with a schnauzer, meaning he's going to live. As Blik celebrates his latest triumph, Gear lands on him, sending him through the bow of the fishing boat and into the water, where the sharks attack him.


  • Mr. Blik's room is an upstairs room.
  • One of the hallways of the mansion has framed images of Blik spread all about the walls.
    • One of which is a photograph of him as a baby.
  • We learn that one of Hovis' hobbies is fishing, despite not being too good at it.
  • The family that the cats crashed in on and accidentally stole their cooked piggy dinner is the same family and piggy that was seen in Go Gomez! Go!.
    • The young boy's hair seems to be dyed brown now. It was previously blonde.
  • Blik's test results were mixed up with a Schnauzer's.
    • That Schnauzer is currently dead.
  • Mr. Blik gets chomped up by sharks soon after hearing that he's gonna live. Oddly enough, he survived that too.


  • When Gordon asks " Waffle, how about some of Mr. Blik’s chocolate coated caviar?", He can be seen eating it and holding it, despite in "Lovesick," where we learn that Gordon’s allergic to chocolate, he doesn’t get a allergic reaction at all.


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