"Requiem for a Cat" is an episode of Catscratch from season 1.

Characters Present Edit

Summary Edit

Mr. Blik is informed by the vet that he has only 24 hours remaining of his life.

Plot Edit

Coming Soon.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Blik's room is an upstairs room.
  • One of the hallways of the mansion has framed images of Blik spread all about the walls.
    • One of which is a photograph of him as a baby.
  • We learn that one of Hovis' hobbies is fishing, despite not being too good at it.
  • The family that the cats crashed in on and accidentally stole their cooked piggy dinner is the same family and piggy that was seen in "Go Gomez! Go!"
    • The young boy's hair seems to be dyed brown now. It was previously blonde.
  • Blik's test results were mixed up with a Schnauzer's
    • That Schnauzer is dead now.
  • Mr. Blik gets chomped up by sharks soon after hearing that he's gonna live. Oddly enough, he survived that too.