Randall The Bear is a recurring antagonist of the Catscratch series.

Description Edit

Randall is an angry grizzly bear that is constantly on the hunt for the three cat brothers. When he's not busy with terrorizing the cats, he works as The Burpo's Root Bear (at least until he graduated to King Of All Root Beer.)

Randall knows where the cats live and will sometimes be right at the door to eat them up as soon as it's opened. He's apparently been there so many times, one of Hovis' chores for the cats (long story) was to bathe him.

Physical Description Edit

Randall is a giant, fuzzy grizzly bear with sharp teeth and claws, a mane around his neck and rounded ears. He has a bit of a gut, small eyes, and brown fur with a darker shade of brown around his eyes and on his nose.

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  • Behind The Voice Actors has his name mis-credited to the Bakersfield Speedway Announcer.

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