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"Who are you to defy my will?!"
— The Queen Kraken

The Queen Kraken is the esteemed royalty of the far-away Kraken Planet. She is also the mother of the mighty Kraken.


The Queen does whats in the best interest for her planet. She doesn't tolerate funny business and was willing to dethrone her son once word of his defeat (by a cat, no less) reached back to the kraken home world.

She has the Three-Headed Kraken duel with any being that defeats any of the krakens. Of course, she is also able to grant wishes like any other kraken.

As a mother, she's not too caring. She disowned her son and is still in close contact to his junior high bully. She had him chained up when he returned.

Character Design[]

The Queen's is shaped like an ace of spades from the neck up, and has 5 tentacles underneath.

Her skin is plum-colored, her eyes are glowing red, and her beak is yellow. She wears a royal tiara and a red cape.

Background Information[]

  • She refers to cats as a "fur-covered Earth beast".

Production Information[]