The Pitch Animation Reel is a series of animations made to display the designs and personalities of the colorful characters of Catscratch.

The cats were slightly touched up from their Gear counterparts in these animations before they settled on the final designs we know and love.

Plot Edit

The pilot wasn't necessarily made to follow a plot, but what is displayed in the animations is as follows:

The three cats rev up the car and visit the local toy store. Mr. Black tries on some backpacks that could potentially get him some ladies, Gordon sneaks through the girl toys and plays with the dolls, while Waffle eats a submarine sandwich. Kimberly is seen dancing, and Mr. Black asks Gordon about his opinion on Black's backpack.

Rare thumbnail pilot plot:

The three cat brothers rev up the car and visit the local toy store. Mr. Black stays to meet back in 5 minutes as he wonders off to look at the backpacks. Waffle then spots rubber alligator on the other side and run off too. As for Gordon, he sneaks to the girl stuff section to find Human Kimberly a Pinky bear doll for her while also seeing if the cost is clear from Mr. Black and Waffle knowing he’s looking for dolls. Gordon then jumps to find a Pinky bear doll knowing if it’s right bear Kimberly wishes for. The Pinky bear then pees all over Gordon making him throw it in fear. A man then slip in the puddle that the bear made and falls. Gordon then looks again finding the last limited edition bear in the world. He then hugs the bear in joy when just then, the bear’s voice goes off say "I love you, please feed me".Gordon then oddly replies to the pinky bear saying he can’t. Mr. Black then come over to Gordon asking about his opinion of his new backpack. Gordon in fear swallowas the bear saying he’s not looking at dolls. before Gordon could tell Mr. Black his opinion, the bear then talks through Gordon’s stomach say "I love you" and then saying "Please burp me". Mr. Black then picks up Gordon and burps him. The doll then says "please change me", where Mr. Black stops as that was crossing a line. Waffle then pass by holding a rubber alligator saying he’s buying it.

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Doug TenNapel's "Catscratch" Original Pitch Reel Waifu2x Upscale

Doug TenNapel's "Catscratch" Original Pitch Reel Waifu2x Upscale

Digitally Restored [Doc "Dee Aych" O' Yee

CarScratch640 copy

CarScratch640 copy

Original footage [Doug TenNapel]

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Black is the only one out of the three cats to have kept his original design for the pilot.
  • Confirmed by a Tweet from Doug TenNapel, Mr. Black was voiced by Rob Paulsen in the pilot. Rob also voiced Gordon in the pilot, the role of which he kept.
  • The pilot was uploaded as a development trailer onto the Slappy Pictures website on May 10th, 2006 under the filename "".
    • This version has the "I'm not looking at dolls!" storyboard scene cut out.

Doug TenNapel uploaded an extended version of the reel onto his YouTube channel on November 12th, 2009, with the misspelt title of "CarScratch640 copy"

  • This one has the "I'm not looking at dolls!" storyboards intact.
  • The pinky bears that Gordon looks at in the toy store make it to the show in the episode "Go Gomez! Go!" Where Tad wears a pair of Pinky Bear underwear.

Credits Edit

Client: Nickelodeon/Douglas R. TenNapel inc.

Creator/director: Douglas TenNapel

Production company: Slappy Pictures

Animation director: Mike Dietz

Animation: Douglas TenNapel, Mike Dietz, Eddie Fantastic

Production assistants: Robert Doll, Bobby D

Music/sound design: Mike "g/the back bedroom", Mike Dietz

References Edit

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