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Off the Leash is the first segment of the fifth episode of Catscratch.

Characters Present[]


Waffle searches for his identity.


Waffle has a deep desire to find his true calling and purpose in life, but he's unsure where to begin. Fortunately, his brother Gordon has a solution in the form of a personality test featured in a magazine he subscribes to, "Scotty Lad." After much deliberation and careful consideration of Waffle's answers, the test determines that his destiny lies in being a dog. However, Waffle's exuberant dog-like behavior clashes with the more reserved personalities of the cats he lives with, particularly Blik, who locks him in his room. Feeling like he doesn't belong, Waffle escapes through a window to pursue his newfound dog destiny and meets a new friend, Barkmeat. As Waffle and Barkmeat frolic and play as dogs, Gordon and Blik search for Waffle, but they also find themselves in danger of being eaten by Barkmeat. Fortunately, they are rescued by Hovis, and all of them eventually reunite. Barkmeat declares that Waffle is okay, even if he is a cat, and Waffle realizes that it's okay to be himself. However, in the end, Waffle learns that he hasn't really learned anything at all, and he shouts "SPLEE" in frustration. Despite this setback, Waffle remains optimistic that he will one day find his true purpose and place in the world.



  • We learn that Gordon reads a magazine titled Scotty Lad.
  • Gordon's fear of tiny aliens happens again in Scaredy Cat.
  • This episode is the only appearance of Barkmeat.


  • When Gordon heads to the kitchen, He grabs a slice of cake which the slice itself looks like chocolate, despite in the episode Lovesick, where we learn that he is allergic to chocolate, He doesn't get a allergic reaction at all.


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