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Newt Pond is a small body of still water made by Waffle for his newts.


The pond was simply a spontaneous idea by Waffle when he got his hands on a jackhammer.

He built it near the entrance after Gordon reassured Hovis that they'll be able to take care of themselves and the mansion during his vacation.


While the pond was a success among the newts, Blik wanted the pond gone. Waffle had run this through his robot clone, but the clones accidentally fell into the pond, short-circuiting all three of them.

After further events, the entire mansion was torn down, taking the pond with it. The mansion was immediately rebuilt, but the pond wasn't restored.


Newt Toilet

It is unlikely if the Newt Pond will ever get another chance in the mansion, so Waffle's newts had later moved on to swimming in the toilet. A dangerous resort, as Mr. Blik had shown the will to flush the little newts down the toilet before.