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"Courage is for SAPS!"
— Mr. Blik at Gordon

My Bodyguards is the first segment of the twelveth episode of Catscratch.


In order to not get into a fight with the alley cat, Blik enlists the Chumpy Chumps' help. They end up being too helpful, however.


  • This and its sister episode premiered on the same day when the Nick Jr. series, Wonder Pets! premiered.
  • There was a scene where Blik attempts to kick The Chumpy Chumps out, but they all laugh at him and state that they're not leaving. This scene was cut and redone into another scene where they attack Blik with hockey sticks.
    • Of course, while it is unknown how they got the hockey sticks so quickly, Luther was seen playing hockey indoors in the deleted scene.


  • Soda King appears again.
  • The Chumpy Chump Brothers appear again.
  • Bootsie is never seen again after this episode.
  • By coincidence or not, Mr. Blik distracts Bootsie with a promise of free gold from a flying saucer, then in the episode this one was paired with, a man comes by their mansion to give away bags of free gold he happens to have.
  • Hovis makes a cameo appearance in the episode.


  • When Blik falls down to his knees at Bootsie, his mouth is missing for a frame.
  • When The Chumpy Chumps check Gear for any danger, their sunglasses disappear.


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