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Mr. Fuzzy Pants is a spindly little rabbit sold from the 24 Hour Pet Shop.


This little rabbit seems to be horribly diseased, and was bought by the cats to replace Sachiko, of whom they presumed dead. While the cats thought he was hideous, the Pet Shop Owner and Kimberly see him as "adorable." He despises loud noises and will go ballistic if a sudden loud noise is heard.

Character Design[]

Mr. Fuzzy Pants has very short fur, wrinkled up ears and buck teeth sticking out of his mouth.

He's got a tiny red nose, a big pink eye with the other eye winced along with warts running down the right side of his face, and despite being all skin and bones, his tail still remains fluffy.



  • His real name is unknown, but Kimberly referred to him as "Mr. Fuzzy Pants" when she first saw him.
  • While his voice actor is uncredited, Fuzzy Pants' screeches sound remarkably like Gordon's, ergo Rob Paulsen is our best bet.