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Mr. Blik's Room is a bedroom that is located within Cramdilly Mansion. Mr. Blik starts his day here, waking up to either his slippers being torn or newts being found in his pajamas.


The walls are lavender with white, verticle stripes. He has a huge vanity mirror next to his bed, and a framed image of a fish above that. He has a rug that resembles a sand dollar in front of his bed and the other side is a small table with a tall lamp and a toy car on it. The floor is spotted orange.

The pictures that are framed on the walls usually change between episodes, some of which you'll see an image of a swan, others you'll see a boat framed.


Mr. Blik's bed is very well adorned, more so than his brothers'. He has huge blue curtains around it and his covers are light blue. There is a white pillow between two cusions, one lavender, the other pale maroon.