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Mitchell The Mammoth is a giant prehistoric mammal, and is the adopted son of Mr. Blik. The cats found him inside a huge ice burg during a massive heat wave.


Mitchell was initially peeved about being woken up from his million-year slumber, but was immediately happy at the first sight of what he believed to be his mother. Mitchell loves playing fetch and his fur has giant prehistoric fleas.

Mitchell is mentally young and has a meek grasp of the concept of his massive weight, which often results in broken elevators and crushed cars. Once in a game of fetch, he inadvertently destroyed the town looking for the stick.

Physical Appearance[]

Overall, Mitchell is mastadonic in scale. Mitchell's fur is tan and fuzzy. He has huge tusks and beady eyes. He walks on all fours, has a small tail and his trunk is very long.

Production Information[]

  • Concept artist Jennifer Wood says that her turn around sheet of Mitchell upped her self-confidence as an artist, stating "Once you can turn a mammoth, you can turn anything."


  • Waffle had the idea to name him "Mitchell".
  • According to a remark by Mr. Blik, Mitchell's breath is rather unpleasant.
  • Hovis can do a perfect impression of Mitchell, which makes sense as they were both voiced by Maurice LaMarche.
  • Mitchell seems to know how to swim, as he survived a fall off a pier into a large body of water.