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"Manual labor is for saps, so me, myself and my HUGE BRAIN… came up with a better way."
— Mr. Blik

Mecha-Kitties is the second segment of the eleventh episode of Catscratch.


Mr. Blik, Waffle, and Gordon make robot clones of themselves, but things begins to go unexpectedly incorrect.


Hovis leaves the mansion for a week for a personal vacation. The cat brothers are left at home to take care of themselves and also by doing chores. Gordon makes scotch eggs for breakfast, Waffle clean his room, and Blik is doing nothing as always. Moments later, Gordon and Waffle discover that Blik created a robot version of himself to do his work Which make Gordon and Waffle want to make one two. Gordon and Waffle create Robots of themselves and let the, do the work as well. As the brothers relax in peace with nothing to worry about, all three of their robots drown in Waffle’s newt pond, where all of them turn bad and kick the brothers out the mansion, as well as kicking their butts. The three cat brothers work as a team and battle the evil robots by a giant cat robot battle. All of which destroy the mansion. Hovis then returns shortly but unexpectedly to turn out to be a robot control none other than Hovis himself.


  • It's identical to the flash game called "Mecha-Cat Destructo!".


  • This episode shows that Hovis takes his vacation after the cats do.
    • As the episode before this was Life Savers, where the cats are on vacation instead of Hovis.


The TV show Blik was watching might be a parody of Sesame Street (an iconic preschool show), as the puppet in the mailbox resembles one of the puppets in the show Bert.


  • Wayne Knight as Mr. Blik/Blik Robot
  • Rob Paulsen as Gordon/Gordon Robot
  • Kevin McDonald as Waffle/Waffle Robot
  • Maurice LaMarche as Hovis
  • Christie Mellor as Native Girl
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