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"If you ever need me, Major Pepperidge will be there growin' on your neck. Bippity-boo~"
— Major Pepperidge, Major Pepperidge

Major Pepperidge is Mr. Blik's vestigial twin.


Major Pepperidge is the happy-go-lucky, kind version of Blik who speaks in tongues.

He is commonly feared at first due to his abnormal appearance, but will always be warmed up to after some time has passed getting to know him.

He seems to enjoy bacon and carries many wise phrases from his old Mammy Pepperidge. He often follows up sentences with his catchphrase: "Bippity-boo~" or other variations of it.

His phrases are simply a matter of interpretation by the other side, and it's that interpretation that brings light to his words. Although some folks may not see anything at all in his tongue language.

His thought process is "It's how you treat the people around you that makes you who you are." and when someone is proving themselves to be impertinent, he'll form upon their neck through a process called cellular mitosis to try helping them realize the error of their ways.

He is there for anyone who should ever need him, whether they know they do or not.

Character Design[]

Major Pepperidge resembles Blik in almost every way. What differs is that, once separated, he is but a head with feet paws at the bottom.

He travels by bouncing around.


Mr. Blik[]

Mr. Blik despised Major Pepperidge when he first found him on his neck during the preparation for his own parade. Major Pepperidge's wise words, Blik just couldn't understand. The way he was winning Gordon and Waffle over drove him crazy. And Major Pepperidge was slightly annoyed by Mr. Blik's self-righteous nature. It took driving a huge parade float into a (filled in) quarry for Mr. Blik to finally warm up to his second head, and by extension thank his brothers for their efforts on his upcoming parade.


Waffle loves Major Pepperidge, and was never too freaked out by him (in fact, when Major Pepperidge was first revealed to him, he was more freaked out by the sweater Blik was wearing.) When Waffle was distraught about the stars in the sky being gone, Major Pepperidge made him realize that they'll be back "when night whispers it's sweet hello".

Gordon Quid[]

At first, Gordon tried to rid his brother of the sudden second head, until it was proven that Major Pepperidge is harmless, and that it's not at all uncommon to grow a second head yourself. In fact, Major Pepperidge helped him heal up Human Kimberly when she was deeply ill. He's eternally grateful for that. After some time in consideration, Gordon and Waffle had unanimously decided that Pepperidge is more deserving to be grand marshal of the upcoming parade.


  • His wise nonsensical phrases are similar to Mr. Blik's nonsensical insults.
  • Scientifically, it wouldn't be possible for him to live on his own after separation. But this one of those moments where artistic licence comes in.