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The Lucky Claw is a mythological body part that is grown by cats.


As the legend says,

It is good fortune you will draw

when you do grow a lucky claw

upon your little front left paw

This appendage, when grown, grants good luck to whoever it grows on. Mr. Blik keeps telling Gordon that it's only a myth, but is constantly proved wrong (to the point where he even attempts to steal it for himself.)


Harming the claw is greatly frowned upon, and the effects that the claw initially offered will be reversed if cut off. From falling down the stairs to being chased by a giant Meteor Worm, this is no claw to mess with.


  • The claw has similarities to Major Pepperidge, another cat-based growth.
    • Both grow on only a select number of cats.
    • Both had bettered the cats' lives.
    • Both were ultimately removed.
    • Both were irritants to Mr. Blik.