Catscratch Wiki

(episode starts on a rainy night in a town, where a mother and her handicapped son is running from something)

MOM: Hurry up, Randy Wilson. The monster is coming this way!

(it turns out to be a movie that Blik, Gordon and Waffle are watching, or trying to watch, given their reactions)

Randy: I'm telling you, Constable. That monster is nearby!

(Waffler puts a pillow on his head, Blik bites his claws, and Gordon covers his eyes to peek and close again)

Woman: Listen!

[A sound of a door knocks causes the brothers to scream and hug.]

Gordon: I'll get it.

WAFFLE: Careful, it might be the monster.

Gordon: Oh, I'm not sca-- (gulp) -- scared.

(Gordon cautiously walks to the front door and opens it, only to find it's Kimberly)

KIMBERLY: Hi Gordon! (Gordon's eyes have hearts appear) I was helping my mom in the vegetable garden

GORDON: Broccoli... for me? (he takes it) Oh thank you, Human Kimberly! Thank you!

KIMBERLY: (Leaving.) Gotta go enjoy it.

GORDON: Goodbye, Human Kim... berly. (he goes back inside, to sing and apparently float around)

GORDON: (singing) Sweet broccoli of love... oh, how I love it! (he floats up to Hovis) Ah, hello Hovis.

HOVIS: Gordon may i remind you that this is a broccoli free house! (Takes the broccoli away and Gordon falls on the floor.) After what the doctor said.

BLIK: It's the monster!

(Monster Gordon gets back on the couch, unknown to Blik and Waffle's reaction to his appearance, causing them to leave)

BLIK: It's coming after us. RUN! (Waffle, for some reason, becomes a car, which Blik steers)

(Monster Gordon sees them "driving" away and decides to run with, bursting a wall in the process...)

BLIK: There we go. One more chair oughta keep the monster out.

WAFFLE: :OH thanks. WAAAHH!! Muh, muh, muh...

Blik: What's wrong with you?

WAFFLE: Muh...Muh..

Blik: Don't tell me it's the monster.



BLIK: To the elevator! (they run into the elevator wall, somehow getting into the drawers, which explains the clothing)

(just then, they see Monster Gordon running to the elevator, while Blik and Waffle try to shut it, and are successful)

(However, Monster Gordon's broccoli arm gets in there before it closes, the elevator rises up with Monster Gordon going up slowly)

(Monster Gordon grabs the elevator arrow and forces it down, which Blik and Waffle hit the ceiling)

(then Monster Gordon forces it up, which Blik and Waffle hit the floor, then Blik bites Monster Gordon's arm,

forcing him to let go of his broccoli, thus returning him back to his normal state)

GORDON: Aw! My sweet broccoli is in the elevator! (Gordon runs up the stairs to get to where the elevator is stopping)

(Blik and Waffle wait to get to a certain floor, so Waffle does his casual arm farts, to Blik's slight annoyance)

(then the elevator bell dings, the door opens with Gordon outside, much to Blik and Waffle's surprise)

BLIK: Gordon, what are you doing out there? There's a monster running around the house. Get in here!

(Blik throws Gordon inside the elevator right next to the broccoli)

(Gordon grabs the broccoli and turns back into a monster again, just as the elevator closes)

Both: The monster! (Blik and Waffle burst through the elevator door, while Monster Gordon is confused, then he starts running)

WAFFLE: Monster ate Gordon! AHH! (they both behind a corner wall)

BLIK: Listen up, I've got a plan.

WAFFLE: Me too.

BLIK: What's your plan?

WAFFLE: To listen to your plan.

BLIK: (sarcastically annoyed) Good plan... (Bilk slaps Waffle)

WAFFLE: Thank you.

BLIK: To the escape pod! (Blik runs)

WAFFLE: To the escape pod! (Waffle runs)

(Monster Gordon runs to find Blik and Waffle, but he runs into a mirror,

BLIK: The monster's coming! Prepare the escape pod for launch!

(Waffle looks around and he sees a lever on the wall)

WAFFLE: Ah! (he pulls the switch, causing the escape pod to leave without them)

BLIK: Prepare means "get ready!"

WAFFLE: For what?

BLIK: (stammers then cries) We're not gonna make it. (then he stops crying) Wait a second. We don't run away form out own house!

WAFFLE: Then... why do we have an escape pod?

BLIK: Come on! To the weapons cage. Waffle in here.

BLIK: The other way! The OTHER way! (they arrive at the weapons cage, Blik scans his paw for access)

GORDON: It's me! See?

BLIK: Wha-? Then this means...?

WAFFLE: Monster's taken over Gordon! Monster ate Gordon!

Gordon: What? No, no, no, listen. I'm allergic to broccoli.

WAFFLE: Oh, very tricky.

BLIK: Back, you evil shapeshifter! Brother eater! Body stealer!

WAFFLE: We know Gordon's allergic. Stop trying to trick us with the truth. Truth tricker!

BLIK: i'll bet you're allergic to this too.

Gordon: Oh but it's really me!

WAFFLE: Nice try. You can't even do his voice right.

GORDON: Oh really? Then what's he sound like?

WAFFLE: Like this: (imitating) Great gopher. I'm Gordon' boop-de-boop-de-blah,

GORDON: i'm allergic to broccoli! No wait BLIK! It's me Gordon!

BLIK: You can drop the charade you hideous creature Five more seconds and you'll be nothing charcoal.

Gordon: It's me. I'm... just allergic to broccoli!

BLIK: Then where did you get it, huh?! This is a broccoli free house! Who gave it to you?

Kimberly: I did. (Waffle and Blik turn to see her with more broccoli in her hand)

BLIK: Human Kimberly?

Kimberly: It's from our garden but i didn't know he was allergic.

BLIK: You gave broccoli to Gordon? Gordon can't have broccoli! He gets one huge bloodshot eyes.

WAFFLE: In his head.

Blik: And a big puffy arm.

WAFFLE: Right where his arm goes.

Blik: And hideous teeth.

WAFFLE: In his mouth!

Blik: And a rash all over his body.

WAFFLE: Just like the monster.

Blik: Yeah just like the monst-- (they now realize)


GORDON: I can't....hold...on!

(Blik turns off the

Gordon: Oh no. I...I swallowed the broccoli.