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"What kind of swamp-dwelling she-beast could YOU love?"
Gordon Quid

"One called... the Human Kimberly~"
Mr. Blik

Love Cats is the first segment of the seventh episode of Catscratch. In this episode, Gordon and Mr. Blik competes for the love of Human Kimberly.


Kimberly swoons over Gordon's dress
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"*Laughs*, thats nothing".

We open up on a close-up of a painting, then we pan out to reveal Human Kimberly finishing up her painting of Gordon as a fancy royal gentleman, while an impatient Gordon (modeling for the painting) politely tells her to hurry, due to the possible arrival of his brother, Blik. Mr. Blik inevitably shows up, noticing Gordon's goofy gentleman clothes and the rocking horse. This prompts Blik to start teasing Gordon, hopping around him, calling him "Pony Girl!" He keeps going until Gordon can't deal with it anymore and walks off despite that Kimberly wasn't done painting. This also angers Kimberly and she lashes out on Mr. Blik in a similar fashion he usually would and then storms off. Never before had he seen such hateful and nasty passion. He knew at that moment, their hearts belonged together. Mr. Blik heads home in love and when he came home Waffle showed him a huge rocket he won in a box of cereal. Mr. Blik didn’t pay attention because he’s in love with Human Kimberly. But there was one thing standing in his way for Kimberly, Gordon Quid. When he hears of Blik's newfound crush on the apple of his eye, they compete against each other for the Human Kimberly's heart (Waffle was kept busy keeping the score.) When Mr. Blik goes to Human Kimberly’s house, Kimberly wasn’t surprised to see him. Blik came to apologize for what he did earlier and also got her a box of trinkets, but Gordon came and burnt them.  Gordon gave her beautiful orchids from their garden raped in badger fur and that gave him a score on the board with Gordon 1 and Mr. Blik 0. Blik didn’t give up and he tries again, this time he brings her a mythical creature called Crimidon from the magical forest with sparkles and really big eyes. However Gordon revealed it was just a donkey. Gordon used a razor to shave his back to show her a unicorn and she liked it and that put Gordon in the lead by 2-0. Mr. Blik gets fed up and brings a big space-altering plasma cannon and tells Human Kimberly to look at the moon and then he blast the moon and turns it into a heart for her. Gordon (who also had one) shoots the sky and creates a black hole the shape of Kimberly’s face. It also sucked the moon and not only did it shock Blik but he lost to Gordon to love Human Kimberly.

Continuity []


  • When Kimberly comes to the door only to be disappointed that it's Mr. Blik, her right eye is clipped in her face.
  • When Mr. Blik explains he came over to Kimberly's house to apologize, a line can be seen through his left eyelid when he angles forward on "I... I".
  • When Mr. Blik directs Kimberly's attention to the moon, he refers to it as "that big shiny thing in the sky", and is perplexed when Kimberly responds "You mean the moon?" Mr. Blik would've known what the moon is, given he has even been on the surface of the moon before.
  • After Gordon exclaims "It's cannot be!" and wraps his hands around Waffle's neck, one frame of him backing down is seen for a millisecond, meaning that something was more than likely cut out from the final draft of the episode.
  • When Mr. Blik breaks to Gordon "You're the one she belongs with, not me!", the layer with his mouth is darker than the rest of his fur.
  • The series of black holes Gordon made to rearrange stars to resemble Kimberly's face swallowed up the moon, if that was the case though, the night would've been pitch black.
  • If said black holes were close enough to swallow the moon, it also would've taken the Earth with it.


  • This episode was one of the only two to ever be released on DVD. It was on Nick Picks 5, which was released in 2007.
  • The final score of their competition was: Gordon: 3, Blik: 0; meaning that Gordon won the competition.
  • The dress Kimberly put Blik in resembles the one Waffle wore in Slumber Party.
  • Storyboards for the scene where Kimberly is supposedly running to Mr. Blik and Gordon can be seen in the Behind Catscratch promo.
  • This episode is similar to one of the SpongeBob SquarePants episodes, Gary in Love.


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