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Lobsters are a crustaceous species that are commonly found at the Island Resort that the cats were visiting.

Physical Appearance[]

They have long bodies, big claws (well, with the exception of Rhonda), long feelers, beady eyes, and muscular tails. All of them are varying shades of red.



Being the kind soul he is, Waffle had easily made friends with this species. The two he speaks with the most are Klaus and Rhonda.

Gordon Quid[]

When the bunch saved Gordon and Blik, they were eternally grateful. Of course, as the island custom demands, Gordon and Blik had to serve Waffle and the lobsters afterwards.

Mr. Blik[]

As stated before, Blik and Gordon had to be servants to Waffle and the lobsters after they saved them from the volcano. Mr. Blik wasn't very thrilled about that.

Chubby Chef[]

The Chubby Chef cooks the lobsters for island sustenance. Waffle had saved Klaus and Rhonda from this fate.

Known Lobsters[]

Background Information[]

Gordon's Lobster Bib

"Lobster bib!"

  • In a later episode, "Three Against Nature", Gordon is seen putting on a lobster bib before a meal.
  • After having his life saved by them from a resurrected volcano, Gordon vowed that he will never eat another lobster for as long as he shall live, no matter how tasty and scrumptious they may be.
  • The lobsters communicate through snapping their claws together repeatedly.
    • One can replicate this language with a pair of claw mitts.