Catscratch Wiki

(The episode starts the screen zooming in a beautiful island resort where the cats are taking a vacation at. Native dancers spin and dance around the guests at the outside dining tables. Mr. Blik sits at a table with Gordon around the dancers)

Mr. Blik: Ah. A island vacation. I’ve never been so relax. Surf, sand...

Waffle: Oh, Look at me! I’m a fruit salad. Aren’t I pretty?

(Waffle then comes out and dances with the native people, dressed in a hula skirt, leaf armbands, and a salsa fruit hat. Gordon on the other side of the table then digs in a player of fruit getting it all over the table, with Mr. Blik making a sour face at him.A native child then pulls Blik‘s arm to come and dance with her and her people)

Mr. Blik: Me? Oh I just-

(The Native girl pulls Blik down on the ground while the other dancer begin to dance to a hula song. Mr. Blik gets in to the rhythm and starts bopping up and down to the song and dance with the girl. Gordon stops eating and sees Blik dancing happily)

Gordon Quid: Add a boy Bliky! Wait right there and I’ll join-(gasp)

(Gordon than sees a native man put a huge plate of cooked lobster on a dining table)

Gordon Quid: Lobster!

(Gordon’s eyes then turn into lobster claws and turn back to normal)

Gordon Quid:(Happily) Cheer!

(Gordon leaps into the air hugging himself and runs to get some lobster, but is trip by a limbo man who he accidentally steps his foot into his mouth and falls in the plate of lobsters, getting a huge lobster tail stuck in his mouth and struggles to get it out)

Gordon Quid:(muffling) Uh oh.

(Waffle then sits in Gordon’s chair and watches Blik come by, shaking still to the music while shaking his behind to the screen)

Mr. Blik: Look at these hips, Like butter!

(Gordon then screams in muffles, stumbling to his brothers and stopping the native people from dancing, while also flopping like a fish at Blik as suffering from the lobster tail in his mouth)

Waffle: Oh dance off!

(a Waiter comes to Waffle with a coconut served drink. Gordon flops even more grabbing Blik for help as the Native people look in confusion)

Mr. Blik: No one upstages the Blik-Master 5000!

(Blik puts his sunglasses on and "dance off" with Gordon. Bilk then hits Gordon, and he spits the lobster tail out of his mouth, landing into the mouth of the limbo man)

Gordon Quid:(gasp)

Mr. Blik: That’ll teach ya to mess with-

Waffle:Hi. My name is Waffle. What are your names?

Blik:Waffle! I need your help. I...What are you doing?

Waffle:I'm playing with my new friends Klaus and Ronda. Don't stare at Ronda's bad claw. She's sensitive.

Blik:look we got to do something about Gordon. He's killing me with kindness.


Blik:You got somehting.

Waffle:No just htinking. Yeah.

(to be continued)