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"Forget about them, Waffle. Together, we can rule the world!"
— Lackey Tom

Lackey Tom is a one-shot character in Catscratch.


Tom was respectful of his master and was shocked to hear that Waffle wasn't actually evil at all. Unlike the misguided Waffle, he actually wants to rule the world.

He tried to keep Waffle in the side of evil, stating they could rule the world with eachother, but ultimately shot him with the Gumball Blaster, stating that he's the evil one now.

He doesn't respect the rules, however, and sneaked into the evil gadget closet even though he was told not to.

Character Design[]

Tom is a tall and bulky bald man with chest hair, and only three strands of hair sticking out from the back of his scalp.

He wears a torn top and torn shorts, with red striped socks and black shoes. He wears brown, spiky wristbands.


  • Tom was defeated by a combination of a shot from the Monkeynator 3000 and the Acid Bath's acid.
    • He hasn't been heard from since.