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"Until that day, HI HO KRAKEN!"
— The Kraken

The Kraken is a giant sea cryptid and the prince of The Kraken Planet. He will grant any one wish to anyone who can defeat him in battle.


The Kraken is a fierce competitor, but also a big toady. He knew how to take defeat with dignity-- even in loss to a cat, proving himself to be a graceful loser.

Unfortunately, much a word has been spread of that loss in The Kraken Planet, and Prince Kraken was dethroned by his mother, The Queen Kraken. He had no choice but to turn to Gordon who defeated him in the first place.

Character Design[]

The Kraken is a magenta-colored gargantuan squid creature, his head is shaped like an ace of spades, fins on the sides of his head, red eyes and a beak mouth. The suckers on his tentacles are as big as a baby, and he has pink spots on his forehead.


Gordon Quid[]

The Kraken and Gordon were once opponents, until The Kraken's defeat. Since Gordon defeated the mighty Thee-Headed Kraken, and used the wish that came with the victory to reissue the title of prince to The Kraken, they've been friends ever since. The Kraken now sees Gordon as the brave warrior he is, half a tail or not.

Queen Kraken[]

The Queen is The Kraken's mother, and that makes him the prince. She's not much of a mom, she banished The Kraken from Kraken Planet due to defeat, and only let The Kraken back in the royal family since Gordon used his wish for it. Not to mention she keeps contact with The Three-Headed Kraken, who picked on her son in Junior High.

Three-Headed Kraken[]

The Three-Headed Kraken bullied The Kraken during adolescence. The Three-Headed Kraken is tougher than The Kraken, but was taken down the same way The Kraken was-- a Gordon through the brain. A childhood issue resolved and his title back, The Kraken proved victorious in the end thanks to Gordon's help.


  • Apparently, The Kraken had a scholarship.
  • Technically, The Kraken's first appearance was in the intro.
    • As such, this would mean he has appeared in every episode in the series.
  • His voice actor is the same guy who voiced his mother, Maurice LaMarche.