— Klqain, Clan Destiny

Klqain Quid is a one-shot Scottish character in Catscratch, and the leader of The Highland Quid Clan.

Personality Edit

Tough as nails and prideful to a fault, Klqain is similar to Gordon in many terms, but not so much in bravery.

He lives in the Great Gopher Inn located at the Highland Quid Clan. It's normally up to him who is part of the Highland Quid Clan and who isn't. Money means little to him, though a funny dance may persuade if it's funny enough.

Character Design Edit

Klqain is a tall and bulky scottish man who wears a plaid tam hat, sash and kilt with a turquoise top and stitches on his sleeves.

He's got brown, fluffy hair, a beard, and curly chest hair. He has has stubble on his elbows, his left cheek has liver spots, and he has a uni-brow.

Relationships Edit

Gordon Quid Edit

When Klqain first saw Gordon, he mistook him as The Banshee With But One Nostril in disguise. Gordon cleared the confusion, only for another to arrise: is Gordon truly from Scotland or not? Klqain didn't have a shred of respect for the cat, and the evidence points otherwise. But it doesn't matter where you come from, Gordon's bravery in taking down The Banshee With But One Nostril, and saving the clan and his brothers, Klqain and Gordon are in great terms now.

Mr. Blik Edit

Blik and Klqain are in questionable terms. They don't talk too much and he catapulted Blik (and Waffle) to the bog when they ran out of sheep.

Waffle Edit

Klqain's relations to Waffle are similar to his with Mr. Blik's. Klqain didn't find him very humorous, not even his patented Funny Dance. Although the two of them seem to have brushed that off, as they all happily celebrated Gordon's entry into The Highland Quid Clan.

The Banshee With But One Nostril Edit

The Banshee has been haunting Klqain and the rest of the Quid Clan for many years, and had to appease it for so long with sacrificial sheep. It wasn't until Gordon came by that The Banshee was finally defeated, and revealed itself to be a beautiful Seal Woman.

Trivia Edit

  • His beard is fake, since it tore off with Gordon's high-note. Ironic as he calls Gordon out for not having a beard of his own earlier on.

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