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Klaus is a lobster that Waffle befriended during a vacation at the Island Resort.


Klaus is a lot like the other lobsters on the island. He enjoys building sand castles with Waffle and Rhonda, and has regular claws, unlike Rhonda.

Waffle found him in a fish tank along with Rhonda when they were set for future cooking. He and Rhonda have a good relationship with the rest of his species, and can band together to form anything.

Physical Description[]

Klaus is simply an orange lobster, much like the rest. He was also once seen with a pair of sunglasses similar to the pair that Mr. Blik had on in the same episode.

Background Information[]

  • Gordon and Mr. Blik owe him their lives, as he (along with Rhonda and the rest of the Lobsters) saved them from a scathing volcanic demise.
  • He was once mistaken for Rhonda.
  • He was the first lobster to have his name revealed (by Waffle).