Catscratch Wiki

Waffle:It looks tiny.


Gordon:But you are special Blik. You're our brother.



Blik:Now don't embarrass me this place is very very exclusive. We have an appointment Mr. blIk

Man:oh yes hello come right in.

Blik:I'm Mr, Blik how do you do mr..

Bill:Champlain. you can call me Bill but if you do i'll smack you. Little club humor;

Gordon: i don't get itBill:cause you're not a member mister..

Blik:This is gordon and waffle my cat in my shoe polisher

Gordon:We are his brothers

Bill:well this club is about being special exclusive and really really picky. Follow me.

Blik:No really?

Gordon:o they're just a bunch of cabbage-headed tan people playing golf tennis and swimming while they ate crab cakes next to their own mini volcano and a half hour.

Waffle:Sounds good.

Gordon:I'll say.

(Golf Cart flies in the air)

Blik: Fore!

(It flies to the club causing it to fall down into pieces)

Gordan: Ay, Hole in One.