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King of All Root Beer is the second segment of the third episode of Catscratch.


Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Blik compete against each other in a series of physical challenges.


The episode starts with the trio watching a commercial for Burpo's Root Beer when Sassyfrass, the spokesperson for Burpo's, says one lucky winner will win the honor of being The King Of All Root Beer. The trio then races toward the car, but decide they're all going, then head to the Burpo's Factory. After being flooded with Root Beer foam, they meet Sassyfrass herself, who makes them sign a personal injury release form (PIRF for short) before announcing challenges the cats will face to earn the title of Root Beer King or Randall instead. The first challenge is racing the Root Beer River and they tied. The second challenge is racing to the top of Sarsaparilla roots and Blik was struggling while Gordon was able to climb perfectly. However Blik cuts Gordon’s Sarasparilla roots which called him to fall. Blik fell too because his fell off. The third challenge is wresting the Root Beer Bear or maybe just Randall and it didn’t go well because the Root Beer Bear or maybe just Randall beat them. Blik had the lead to become the king however, the final challenge is winning the Burpo's trivia and Blik was shocked. Waffle wins the trivia (in fact he answered all the questions and got them all correct), but Mr. Blik rigs the points so he wins the trivia, earning the title of Root Beer King instead. When Waffle finds out, he is upset and driven to madness. When they came home, Mr. Blik puts Waffle in a cage (because he was so angry) and gloats to him about being The King Of Root Beer. Then he goes to the parade in joy because he’s the king. Gordon opens Waffle’s cadge and tries to reason with Waffle, but Waffle didn’t listen to Gordon, instead he runs to the nearest Bus stop to get to the parade so he can get back at Mr. Blik for his actions that caused him not to be the king or root beer. Later, a parade is thrown in Mr. Blik's honor. To his surprise, he is turned into a float rather than being allowed to ride a float. Meanwhile, an angry Waffle arrives at the parade to get his revenge from Mr. Blik. He see’s he’s a float so he breaks into the Float Station and becomes a float as well, then proceeds to attack Mr. Blik. The two fight, turning each other into balloon animals and slamming each other into skyscrapers. Gordon arrives at the parade and saw them fighting so he breaks into the Float Station and becomes a float. After that attempts to end Mr. Blik and Waffle's bickering. When Gordon confesses he wanted the honor of being The King Of Root Beer, Waffle confesses he just wanted the Root Beer, and Mr. Blik confesses he just wanted the crown, but the cats continue their fight as Sassyfrass sends the Root Beer Bear to stop the cats however Randall was trying to made an instant drank and put it on a mug after he rips the instant drank sachet with his tooth but then the cats accidentally knock a soda machine and it goes flood everywhere. Just the cats deflate and descend back down to the street where Sassyfrass fires Mr. Blik. When Mr. Blik asks who could be a better king than him, he finds that the Root Beer Bear has broken into the Float Station and become a float. The Root Beer Bear roars at the cats, scaring them off, then says the Burpos slogan, ending the episode.


  • The climax of this episode is a reference to Godzilla and other kaiju films.
  • When Waffle goes to inflate to battle Blik, the hangar he enters is Hangar 18, which is a possible reference to the Megadeth song of the same name.
  • Waffle’s Root beer trivia includes:
    • Sassyfrass hails from Tulsa, and at this point has been the Burpo's spokesperson for three years, two months and nine days.
    • This is the only appearance of Sassyfrass.
    • The Burpo's factory stands tall and spews root beer foam on the quarter-hour.
    • Burpo's was first sold from a pushcart on the quarter of Broad St and 3rd, 1927.
    • The original brewing of root beer is based on 6,000-year-old techniques of ancient Samaritans.

Names in other languages[]

  • Latino - El rey de todas las gaseosas
  • Arabic - ملك المشروبات الغازيه
  • German - Gut gerülpst, König!
  • Czechoslovakian - Král Safra-Coly


♣ = Designates a character that did not appear in this episode

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