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"Prancy prance unicorn, fancy pants unicorn~♫"
— Human Kimberly, Unicorn Club

Kimberly (or Human Kimberly) is the cats' neighbor and one of their few human friends. Gordon has the largest crush on her, but she is absolutely unaware.


Kimberly is an 8-year-old Latin-American girl with a lot of heart, and a large obsession with unicorns.

She is one of the few human friends the cats have. Kimberly does not think they are impatient and she just accepts her feline neighbors for who they are and sees the good in their fur-covered hearts.

Human Kimberly has three best human friends named Caitlyn, Caitlyn, and Charlotte. The three come over to her house every so often, sometimes to Gordon's surprise.

She also specializes in animal care, and took Mr. Blik in when she saw he was injured in her backyard. Though her creepy dolls and childish attitude later drove him away. She also took care of Waffle when a giant rocketship crashed onto him.

She is known as sweet, cute, innocent, playful, gullible, kind-hearted, nice, clever, soft-talking, compassionate, good-natured, friendly, thoughtful, forgiving, respectful, apologetic, loyal, helpful, animal-loving, childish, benevolent, generous, and genuine. Bio

Menschenkind Kimberly – wie sie liebevoll von Gordon genannt wird – ist die 8-jährige, süße kleine Nachbarin von Blik, Gordon, and Waffle.

Physical Appearance

Final Cut

Human Kimberly is a young girl who has tanned brown skin and a gap in her teeth. She has long brown hair.

Kimberly wears a white collared pastel pink shirt, blue pants and white sneakers.


In the pitch reel, Kimberly appeared much different. Her skin was very pale and her hair is black. She wore a pink headband, blue overalls over her pink shirt, and white sneakers.


Gordon Quid

Kimberly has no idea that Gordon has a huge crush on her. She is very playful with him and does care for him even though he can lie sometimes or do whatever he wants to impress and make her happy. For example, in the episode "Unicorn Club", she gets largely angry at Gordon for lying about seeing a real unicorn, but she still thanks him for saving her from Randall and even kisses him on the head for doing so. She always has fun with him and she always cares for him, as if he was her own. She even stood up for him for when her friends made fun of his small tail. Another example of this is in “Core-uption”, Gordon helped Kimberly make the core out of many sweets and toys; making her very happy throughout the episode, knowing that she would get an A (or possibly better), an A+.

Catchphrases and Running Gags

  • Her theme song is "Prancy Prance Unicorn".
  • Her childish imagination (she thinks the Earth's core is made up of sparkly dust, unicorn dolls, cotton candy and gumdrops, as well as many other desserts and toys).
  • Her likeness for unicorns.
  • Her love of cute animals.
  • Her pretty dolls.

Kimberly's House

Kimberly's House

Human Kimberly is the other, much pleasant and friendly neighbor of the cats and her place is rather modest in comparison to the rest of the neighborhood.

It has pastel blue walls, a teal roof, and a wide field of grass for animals to play around in.


Kimberly's House Interior

We first see the inside of the place in "Slumber Party", when the cats crashed her slumber party, only for root beer.

The inside contains a lot of couches, lamps and tables, with a fire place on a green wall. Additionally, it is a simple, clean, small house.

Special Kimberly Hospital For Love and Care

Getting better

The place also runs the Special Kimberly Hospital For Love and Care. A homemade health care institution for healing injured animals.

However, there is a bit of argument surrounding an event that takes place in the hospital. During the healing process, Kimberly will suddenly take them to have gumdrop tea and muffins with Mr. Kippie, Colonel Rufus and Lady Nickynam (of whom are just dolls). This has sparked traumatic fear among one of their patients and it is unknown if anything is being done about the event.

The Unicorn Club

Unicorn Club House

In her yard, she has a small cottage hosting The Unicorn Club. A gathering of unicorn fanatics of only the highest caliber.

The song Kimberly sings while setting up is presumed to be the Unicorn Club's theme song.

Every so often, the group will debate on whom among them will be the Royal Queen Unicorn Princess.

Her friends Caitlyn 1, Caitlyn 2 and Charlotte are the most likely members, and Gordon once attempted to earn membership to get closer to Kimberly.


Background Information

  • Kimberly is the only one of the main characters never come out in "To The Moon."
  • Human Kimberly is the only female main character and also the only human main character (aside from Hovis).
  • Her parents are unseen, but a gardening mother is mentioned.
  • Sometimes, her blue stripes can be seen on the bottom of her pants in some episodes.
  • In "Love Cats", Mr. Blik gifted to her a Chrimadon, which was later disproved to be a Donkey. Kimberly kept the Donkey.
  • Her favorite dessert is candy-coated gummy unicorns.