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"Looking for me?~"
— Katilda, Katilda

Katilda is the third neighbor of Gordon, Waffle, and Mr. Blik that was introduced late in the series. The trio met her when she was running from a "monster" in the forest.


An adventure-seeking tomboy, Katilda has a very colorful imagination (which is actually how she met the trio). She's energetic and playful, but definitely knows how to handle herself in a battle. She's so spry that an average twig can become a razor-edged blade in her paws.

Although she is very capable, Katilda has been seen to be a tad clumsy and runs into trees or trips over hoses every so often, mainly when around Mr. Blik. This sometimes knocks her out cold, but she recollects herself almost immediately. She's quite notably competent than Mr. Blik, and has better leadership skills and a better attitude than he does. She knows how Blik feels about her, and often has fun teasing him about that. Mr. Blik finds himself oddly attracted to her strength.

She also appears to have an affinity for mechanical monsters, as she was awe-struck at the dump truck beast that was chasing her and the boys (even excitedly looking back at it while running away). She's really sneaky, and likes to give people a good scare from behind. Katilda may seem crazy as a loon, but she knows what she's doing and is always up for an adventure (even if it's just a made up one). She's nice. Crazy, but nice.

Physical appearance[]

Katilda is a yellow cat with brown hair under a lavender headband. The hair is tied up into two pigtails with lavender bows at the ends. She has rosy lips, rhombus-shaped pale blue eyes and a tiny black nose. She's at about Waffle's height (or maybe taller), and her torso makes up most of her height while her legs are rather stubby.



  • She is the second female cat seen in the series, the first being Audrey. However she is the first to talk and appear in more than one episode.
  • She might have a little crush on Mr. Blik. She playfully teases him about his feelings for her all the time and apparently stalks him to the point of knowing his biggest secret.
  • She owns a doll named Alice Tishman.
  • It is unconfirmed if she has an owner at all.
  • She owns and can drive a motorcycle.
  • Her name is a pun on "Maltilda".

Production Information[]

  • As confirmed by Doug TenNapel, Katilda was meant to appear frequently in more episodes if the series was allowed another season.