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— The Judge

The Judge (Otherwise known as "Uncle Barky") is a recurring character in Catscratch. He is a man who is often seen hosting big events or as the boss of many establishments.


The Judge takes pride in his many professions, and is shown to be short-tempered on many occasions. In his first appearance, he was judging a Barbecue Cook-Off, where he gave Mr. Blik the prize for the Worst Ribs Ever. In his next appearance, he had congratulated Quebafarb and Zinkogorb the Candy Bucket for them having the best house on the block. The prize rightfully belonged to Mr. Blik, however the Judge wasn't aware that the house belonged to him. He does not like to be disappointed, and he doesn't pay others all too generously.

Physical Appearance[]

He is a top-heavy man, his nose is bulbous and his chin is large. He has a mustache and a uni-brow.

When he was first seen, he had black hair, bright skin, and a blue suit. In "Scaredy Cat", He is shown with a darker shade of skin and was dressed in young girl's attire for Halloween. In "Mall-Adjusted" his skin remained slightly darker, his hair was a dark brown, and he ran a Root Beer mall store. In his last appearance, he was known as Uncle Barky, and his skin returned to it's previous tone, and his hair became a brighter brown than before.


Background Information[]

  • Due to the fact that his appearances display him being in top ranks, he is presumed to be the Mayor of Bakersfield.