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Jennifer Wood (sometimes known as "J. Wood" or "DoodleWood") is a concept artist and character/prop designer for Catscratch and has done similar work on many other cartoons.

About Jennifer[]

As stated on her Tumblr:

Jennifer Wood has been designing characters and props in the animation industry for over 10 years at studios such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.  She has also illustrated several children’s books.


  • Catscratch was her first professional job and she learned alot during it's production.
  • One of her designs of Waffle as a "fruit salad" was used as a reference for a 2007 McDonald's Happy Meal toy.
  • She states that if she were to have done her work on Catscratch nowadays, there would have been a lot of improvements she would've made in comparison.
  • Her confidence in her art was boosted after she did the turnaround sheets for Mitchell The Mammoth. She states "Once you can turn a mammoth, you can turn anything."