"I've never been so relaxed..."
— Mr. Blik enjoying his vacation.

The Island Resort is a vacation spot based in Hawaii.

Physical Appearance Edit

The island is composed of mainly sand and flora.

The resort sports a huge caldera on the back, with many bushes and trees surrounding the large structure.

Near the front, there's a lobby for sustenance items, which is where the islanders are treated to a meal and a show.

Within the trees dividing the caldera and the lobby are waterfalls, roads, and shacks where the islanders and vacationers may rest for the night.

This island is surrounded by a huge body of water, where many Lobsters can be found, and ARE found for use of sustenance.

The Life Saver Island Custom Edit

S1E21-Beholden to you

A time-honored island custom lists that if one's life is prolonged by another, they are then beholden to that singular person. This custom is kept so long as the saved one remains alive or returns the favor to the savior.

To Gordon, a vacationer, it's more than just a custom, and he takes this to his soul, although it annoyed Mr. Blik (the savior) to no end. His part of the custom was lifted after he had saved Mr. Blik from a speeding boulder that was seconds away from flattening the both of them.

Known Inhabitants Edit

Natives Edit

Name Description
Chubby Black-Haired Dancer
Chubby Black Haired Dancer
This dancer is seen in the hula group, and is seen serving a big plate of lobsters.
Native Woman
Native Woman
One of the dancers. She strongly resembles the younger Native Girl that invited Blik into the group, and could very well be related to her.
Tall Native Man
Tall Native Man
He's very tall and is seen shaking two coconut-like instruments.
Native Girl
Native Girl
She is seen inviting Mr. Blik into the group of dancers. She also announces to him that Gordon is beholden to him due to the fact that he saved Gordon's life.
Chubby Grey-Haired Dancer
Chubby Grey Haired Dancer
This dancer is seen in the hula group.

Visitors Edit

With the obvious exceptions of Mr. Blik, Gordon, Waffle, and the Chubby Chef.

Name Description
Vacationing Couple
Vacationing Couple
These two are seen vacationing in the background table. They get a bit bothered by the cats' antics.
Limbo Man
Limbo Man
This man is seen attempting to limbo, but is interrupted by Gordon attempting to get at some lobsters.

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