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The town of Bakersfield is populated with a variety of different people. Often times, they end up getting mixed in the cats' outlandish adventures, but things are normally resolved in the end.

This page chronicles all the minor humans we see throughout the show, the ones so minor that not enough can be told about them to make up their own article.

Minor and Unnamed Humans[]

In this division, we have human characters that either aren't included in the ending credits or only appear for a few seconds.

To The Moon[]

Name Description
Eark Splee's Rib Crowd
Rib Crowd 1
Rib Crowd 2
This group is shown to consist of two women and two men. Three of them are seen waving their arms at Eark's mastering of barbecue, while one is seen enjoying a rib.
Barbecue Cook-Off Contestants
Park Cook-Off
The fellow cooks that Mr. Blik had to compete against seen behind Hovis.

Bringin' Down The Mouse[]

Name Description

Old Lady

Old Lady
Waffle mistakes an elderly woman for a mouse. Flies can be heard around her, giving off the idea that she smells unpleasant.

Go Gomez! Go![]

Name Description
Bakersfield Speedway Crowd
Speedway Crowd 1
Speedway Crowd 3
The excited crowd at the Bakersfield Speedway.
Family in Crowd
Speedway Crowd 2
The Family appears again in "Requiem for a Cat".
Speedway Racers
Speedway Racers
The race car drivers the cats had to face off against.


Name Description
Randy Wilson and Mother
Randy Wilson and Mother

Two fictitious characters in a monster movie. Randy Wilson is credited as "Boy with crutch".

Kimberly's Mom
Helping my mom

Her name is never mentioned, but she apparently enjoys gardening.

Vet, Nurse and Crowd
Vet, Nurse and Crowd

Gordon was confirmed by these folks that he was indeed allergic to broccoli.


The two gentlemen who took Gordon away to the hospital. They bear a strong resemblance to each other.

Nurse, Public Address Announcer and Dr. Girard
Nurse, Public address announcer and Dr

All people who work at the hospital. Dr. Girard is only mentioned, a man named after Micheal Girard.

King of All Root Beer[]

Name Description
Four people watching the Root Beer Parade
Little Boy and Girl in the crowd
The boy is seen drinking while the girl is watching the parade in awe. In the back, two other humans are seen.
Root Beer Parade Crowd
Parade Crowd 1
Parade Crowd 2
The crowd watching the parade. They shout the beloved Burpo's motto, "Rooty-Root-Root!" Blik refers to them as "my people."
Bus People
Bus People
The folks who took the bus at the time Waffle needed to get to the parade quickly.
Aloof Window Wiper
Aloof Window Wiper
The man wiping the windows of a skyscraper. He normally remains unfazed.
Frightened City Crowd
Frightened Crowd 1
Frightened Crowd 2
The city watches as Mr. Blik and Waffle fight as parade floats. According to one of them, this wasn't the first time that has happened. There also appears to be a man in blackface.
Balding Billboard Woman
Hey! Chicken! Billboard Woman
Hey! Chicken! Billboard Woman Bald
The woman depicted on the Hey! Chicken! billboard. It appears she wears a wig.
Billboard Man
Cola "Fresh"! Billboard Man
Cola "Fresh"! Billboard Man Without Pants
The man depicted on a billboard advertising cola. He wears underwear with heart spots on it.
Brent Crowe
Brent Crowe
The businessman organizing files before realizing that Mr. Blik's eye is blocking the window. His name is on the desk, and is the same name as the show's production manager.
Freaked Out Man in Elevator
Freaked Out Man in Elevator
The man that rode the elevator with Randall.

Off The Leash[]

Slumber Party[]

Zombie Party a Go-Go![]

Gordon's Lucky Claw[]

Big Eyed Bunny[]

Requiem for a Cat[]

Scaredy Cat[]

Hi Ho Kraken[]

King of Clubs[]

Life Savers[]


My Bodyguards[]


A Wooly Adventure[]


Clan Destiny[]


Two of A Kind[]



The Secret Door[]

Major Pepperidge[]

Magic Staff[]

Free Hovis[]

Three Against Nature[]


Love Jackal[]

Spindango Fundulation[]

Duck and Cover[]

(More to be added!)